Russian black death metal band


     The autumn of 2002 may be considered as a starting point in a history of group Misanthropia, when Ilja, Zhenya and Vlad came to a guy named Kostya, who knew all the repertoir of Lars Ulrich by heart, with the offer to unite efforts in struggle for a place in the lines of true metalheads. In the same autumn our heroes were noted on a stage of the Kola branch of Petrozavodsk university, which celebrated its birthday. It is necessary to tell, that by that moment the first aim for "misanthropes" was to conquest as greater number of stages of Kirovsk-Apatity area as possible. We can't disregard the fact, that the above mentioned area is situated on the Kola peninsula. " So what? " the naive reader of this narration will ask. Despite of enviable closeness of this piece of land to the countries, which have recommended themselves as the suppliers of a lion's share of heavymetalproduction of the first-rate quality (I speak about the Scandinavian neighbours), the natives of the peninsula in the majority opposed to influence " of the senior comrades " in the musical plan.
       For about a year our daring guys acquainted the poor audience with work of Metallica. From the very beginning casual and far from music people did vocals in the group.

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